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How to use Shopping Cart?
  1. Login - User will be automatically redirect from Centre Management System.
  2. There two carts which is SRW cart that selling SRW products and EDEX cart which is selling Smart Mandarin, Smart Bacaan and Smart Calculation. Click the button to proceed purchase the products.
  3. After login, choose product to buy. shopping-cart-1
  4. Click add to cart button. Discount will be given depends on type of user. shopping-cart-2
  5. If the product has available options, please choose the variable and insert the quantity. Click Add to Cart button. Choose the options again if you want to buy another size instead and insert the quantity. Your Purchases will be stored in Shopping Cart. shopping-cart-3
  6. You can check your cart. You may click View Cart to edit your purchases or you may click Checkout to proceed to shipping and payment process. shopping-cart-4
  7. You may change the quantity and remove the product form the cart. You also may apply the Promotion Coupon and Gift Voucher here. If you want continue shopping, click Continue Shopping button. shopping-cart-5
  8. After you click button Checkout at step 5, you will redirect to this page. Step 2 is Billing Details. Click I want to use a new address if you want to change the billing address. Then, click button Continue. shopping-cart-5.1
  9. Continue Step 3: Delivery Details, you may change delivery address here. shopping-cart-6
  10. Step 4 for delivery method. You may choose GD Express Courier Service or you may pick up from the store. cart-2
  11. Step 5 is for payment method. cart-3
  12. Last process is confirming the order. Please do check the details and tick the box for enable the payment type. You may choose VISA for Master Card OR FPX for Debit Card. visa
  13. Once you click VISA / FPX; there will be a notify. The notify is to you allow the pop-blocked. screenshot_1 screenshot_2
  14. After you save the allowing pop-up, you again need to reload the page. screenshot_3
  15. Check out and continue the step until the last step.
  16. If you choose payment method, VISA (Master card) visa1
  17. If you choose payment method, FPX (Debit card) fpx
  18. Proceed your order with log in your account / entering your card number.
  19. Please be aware to click 'Complete The Transaction' button instead of 'Print' button. 1
  20. Once payment successes, you will direct to CMS page.
  21. You will receive an email attached with the invoice and receipt from MOLPAY . shopping-cart-11
  22. You may check your order history here, checkhistory checkhistory1 checkhistory2 checkhistory3
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  • Once login, user will be redirected to Shopping Cart.
  • Select item and add to cart, items will remain in cart until checkout.
  • You may change the item's quantity/size in the cart; select shipping and payment method during checkout.


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