Student Transfer / Quit

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Transfer, quitting and re-join students from the system.

Transfer students
In this module, user can record the student transfer details and determine which fees will be transferred to the new centre.
    • The student has no outstanding fee (termly payment)
  1. Search student name.Click to the student name.
  2. Click transfer button.
  3. Select New Centre for student’s transfer.
  4. Choose Register Date & Commencement Date.
  5. Fill in the Reason to transfer.
    Untitled 1transfer
  6. Click on Next button.
  7. Click on the check box to select Transferable Fee & Duration Fee.
  8. Click on the Confirm Transfer button.
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Quitting Students
The student with no outstanding fee is allow to quit. As stated in section 4, all payment needs to be pay in termly basis. For example, one student quitting form school in Jun, but their parent just pay the recurring fees until Jun. The system won’t allow this student to quit from the school until her parent pay the recurring fee for July and August.
            1.  Fill in the Reason field to quit student.
              Untitled 3 quit
            2. Choose the Quit Date.
            3. Select the Quit Status.
            4. Click on Next button.
            5. Fill in the amount of Refundable Fee & Duration Fee.
            6. Click on Confirm Quit button.
              Untitled 4
Re-join students
The student can enrol back into their programme by rejoin the programme.
            1. Search the student name.
            2. View programme and choose the last programme taken.
            3. Click rejoin.
            4. Fill up the rejoin form.
            5. After click button submit after this current year enrolment, this verification page will appear, you need to check the details (Recurring Fee, Royalty, Worksheet and Book package is CORRECT). Student who rejoin into their programme within the same year he quitted, no need to pay second time for their fixed fee.
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  • Students can be transferred if there are no outstanding fee; plus the existing fees paid can be transferred to the new centre as well.
  • Students can quit only if no outstanding termly fees; full term fees (3 month) must be paid even the student quit at the beginning of that term (1st month).
  • Rejoining students whom rejoin in the same year quitted are not required to pay fees again as previous paid fees will not be waived.
  • Rejoining students after the year quitted are required to pay full term fees.

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