Payment Records

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These are several type of payment in this CMS :

  1. Royalty payment between centre owner and finance department (applicable for centre owner only)
  2. Book package order between centre owner and finance department (applicable for centre owner only)
  3. Worksheet order between centre owner and worksheet department (applicable for centre owner only)
  4. Fees (fixed fee and recurring fee) payment between parent and centre user
The system calculates all the payment by termly basis as stated in Smart Reader Business Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) yet the system allows the payment been made by monthly basis. Therefore, centre owners is encouraged to implement the payment by termly basis to avoid problems when the student transfer to the new centre or quit from the school.
  1. Go to Student management menu, Student, Active Student. screenshot_1
  2. List of student will appear. Click the particular student name. screenshot_2
  3. Student profile page. On click the Fee Payment button, you will be direct to fees page. screenshot_3
  4. Key in all the fees that student already paid. Once key in, click Add To Cart button. The 'PAID' status mean the student already make a payment and updating by the centre owner.
  5. Once add to cart, directly click the FEES button. screenshot_6
  6. Double check the details and select parent and method. Then click the Confirm Payment button. screenshot_7
  7. The final process is report will generate as below.
  8. Just to double confirm and further reference, go to “Payment History” in the main menu. screenshot_8
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  • Royalty payment to franchisor which applicable to centre owner.
  • Book Package and Worksheet ordered by centre owner to HQ Finance.
  • Required fees payable by parents to centre owner.

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